Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Make a 3D Star out of cardboard.

Supplies Needed:

Cardboard Box (Cerial Box, Cracker Box, Pop Tart, ETC)
A Start Cutout to trace onto Cardboard.

Start out by Searching: STAR in Google Images . Save the image to your desk top, and enlarge the size to what you would like. Once you have decided on the size of your star go ahead and print it out. Cut the star out. Use the cut out to trace onto the cardboard.

Now cut out the traced star from the cardboard.

Take the cut out star, and use the ruler and a pen.

Any type of edged object can be used to do this. I’ve even used scissors, but found that I like using a pen more. The pen is less messy, and can be pressed down hard enough to help make a good crease. Use the ruler to help guide the lines. The lines will be made from one point to the opposite side of the star. There will be five lines total.

Fold the star at each line.

This is why it’s good to make sure a good amount of pressure is made while making the line, so the start will fold.
Ta Da---- A easy to make 3D star.

I found this tutorial at these links:

Also, here are a couple bigger ones I made for my bedroom decor:

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  1. Love these beautiful stars and your easy to follow instructions!! Thanks a bunch!