Monday, January 23, 2012

Lamp Shade Make-Over

Covering a Plain Jane Lamp Shade with Fabric!

Hello! This blog will be a tutorial on covering a lamp shade with fabric.

The supplies needed are:

A plain lamp shade
Spray Glue
Fabric of your choice

1. Lay the fabric on a flat surface. This is so when making the line of the outer rim of the lamp the surface is smooth, and won’t allow for any errors.

2. Put the seam of the lamp shade on the edge of the fabric. This is so the amount of fabric used to cover the lamp will be enough.

3. Take a Pencil, and lightly start drawing a line using the top and bottom rim of the lamp as a guide. Roll the shade slowly in the opposite direction, and continue to lightly draw the lines. Once you have reached the seam of the lamp again you have completed the full circumrence of the lamp.

^ you can just barely see the outline of my lampshade ^

Once the outline of the lampshade is complete it is important to trace another outline over this one. Make sure the outline is about a half of an inch to a complete inch. This is because there must be enough fabric to fold over the top and bottom.

4. Spray the lamp shade with the spray glue, and place the fabric onto the shade. It helps to use the outline as a guide line of placing the fabric on the shade. This is so the fabric completely wraps around the shade.

5. After the shade has been completely covered with the fabic use the scissors to cut off excuss fabric from the top and bottom. Once this has been done the fabric can be folded over and glued down.

Here is the final outcome of the lampshade:

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  1. I love this too! I have a little side table in my living room right now that I'm wanting to get a cute little lamp to go on and this would be perfect to have the lamp match the rug that I'm getting!