Monday, January 23, 2012

A Random Project (with 3d cardboard stars) I made

I first made 3 medium sized stars not knowing what I would do with them. It wasn’t until after I came up with the décor layout for above the dresser that I had a place for the stars. They were too small for where I wanted to use them, so I made larger ones. I decided I would use the medium ones at work. I had some unraveled twin from left-over burlap, and decided to put the three stars on the twin. I ended up making a 3D Star twin Banner.

I think it would be called a banner??? Anyway, here is the finished outcome, which I LOVE:

Maybe my little star and twin banner will help inspire you to create something with these easy to make 3d stars :) Please see previous post for instructions on how to make 3d starts out of cardboard.

Here is the set up of an area of my cube at work:

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