Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Triple D Threat: DIY Design Disaster.

I observe my living room walls frequently, usually while I’m sitting on my couch. Sometimes when I leave my bedroom to go into the kitchen or bathroom, or while walking out the front door I will stand in the living room observing the decor. I ask myself what else can be put on the wall to fill in the negative space, or what type wall art can I put on the walls that will complete the theme I have. I have always loved the county look, and have been trying to base my décor off of that type of design.

I have found 2 DIY blog projects that I incorporated into my home. Two of which I feel don’t really tie in with the country look. Maybe they would be more of a modern look. The two pictures below are the DIY designs I’m speaking of:

I decided that I’m going to do a modern décor hunting décor theme to tie in with my two above wall decorations.

Idea one came from this blog.
which I previously mentioned in my Starburst Mirror Entry yesterday :)

I had a piece of gray fabric, and a large picture frame. I decided to stretch the fabric over the picture. I nailed the fabric to the back of the frame. I stretched it as much as possible to make it smooth. I Googed Deer head silhouette, and printed off an image to my liking. I enlarged the image on a copier at work. I cut out the dear head leaving the outline. I placed the outline over the fabric, taped it down and painted with white paint.

Here is the outcome:

I plan to try this project over with different materials :)Preferbably the same ones used in the above mentioned blog.

Here are my ideas for my decor to fit the theme I have in mind for my livingroom:

I would like to purchase these:

And to go along with my modern hunting animal theme I would like to make this rug from this blog:

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