Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vase Filler and my Kitchen Peek-a-Boo Teaser!

It's hard to decorate with vases with a chosen decorative item. Well, it's not hard, but the first thing that comes to mind to put in the vase are dragon tear drops. Are they or are they not????? I think you can agree with me that they are. Although, I recently learned of these colorful jelly balls that are used. They have the same concept of the dragon tear drops, so there's not much of a wow factor with them in comparison. Pff....tiff...... :)

Here are some examples of the Oh-So-Often used vase fillers:

I mean, these are nice and all, BUT it's the same type of filler. Last night I came up with the idea to use ribbon. So fun, flashy and creative.

The ribbon has so much more character. There are a varity of different colors and designs. The ribbon can be placed to lay in all sorts of directions.

This is the center piece to my kitchen table. These are the colors that will be used in the kitch dinning area. I can't wait to complete this project. Pictures will added as soon as I complete the curtains and table cloth.

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  1. That's a really good idea. I really like the way that it looks too!