Monday, April 30, 2012

All you need is LOVE

Another 4 month break from you….so very sorry. I let myself get taken away with school, and the time I have afterwards. I’m sure as most of you bloggers know, that Pinterest is a GREAT place to learn of new ideas for projects. Some pins on Pinterest even lead you to blog world! I found this current project on Pinterest.

Well, there is a spot on one wall of the bedroom that I’ve been struggling with. I’ve tried one idea, and it didn’t look good. I had the idea of hanging three different sized star burst mirrors on the wall in this space, but that idea didn’t WOW! me. I’ve been on break from classes since last, so I’ve been working on an antique nightstand. I’ve been searching distressing techniques, as well as just searching Pinterest for ideas. So far the outcome of the nightstand has caused a spark of inspiration to run through my body, mind and soul! This spark inspired me to create the perfect wall piece for this wall space.

Here is the idea I found on Pinterest:

You can visit this blog, and see the full project at:

This is Shanty-2-Chic's Reclaimed wood Love sign

Here is my Wood Love Sign:

I used the smallest type of foam brush to paint LOVE on my sign. I'm not 100% happy with the outcome, but I'm happy enough to hang it on my wall.

This is what I plan on putting on the sides of my sign:

This procject can also be found on the same blog that the Reclaimed Love sign is on.

I will post updated pictures once my Wood Love sign is on my wall with the wine bottles on each side.

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