Thursday, April 7, 2011

Naked to Dressed……………….WALLS

Upon moving into my apartment in late June of last year I didn’t have much to decorate with. I had a few pictures, and little knick knacks. Unfortunately, I did not have enough décor to dress up my walls to not look bare. The weight of my bills, not great pay income and schooling made it hard to be able to afford more decorations for my apartment. Finding DIY home décor blogs opened many doors of opportunity for me to be able to make my apartment a cozy home. A desire I’ve had for years. I’ve always wanted to walk in my home, and get a warm feeling inside. I’ve gotten a cozy feeling from only a few homes I’ve been in, so it’s very important to achieve this goal for my own home. Sometimes I find myself wanting to buy home décor over clothes ; ) That’s how much having a cozy place is to me.

For this project I got the idea searching blog world again ;) The person used a curtain rod and hung pictures (I think) with wire on the rod and attached it to the wall for display. I got the idea to instead use a piece of wood. The reason for wanting to use a piece of wood is because I have my curtains attached to a weathered piece of wood. My plan was to use this same piece for my picture wall décor project. The piece of wood wasn’t long enough to fit the entire width of my windows, and it ended up getting ruined. I set off on a new journey to look for another piece of wood for my curtains. I was certain it would be long enough, but it wasn’t. I ended up using my new piece of wood for my wall project. It was warped a little, so after putting it up on my wall I realized that I wouldn’t be able to use wire to hang my pictures from. I used drafting tape to make the pictures look as though they were hanging from the piece of wood. I really like the turn out of my idea. Since my theme is country inspired, and my boyfriend’s ma gave me 3 metal stars ( two of which were used for my wall décor above my windows) I used the third one to add to this piece.

Here is how it looked at first.

Shortly after staring at it for a while I felt that it was too plain. I felt that I needed to put an inspirational wooden sign underneath the star.

Last night I found one for $3.00 at Marshalls. Here is how it looks a little more dressed up. I would like to add some more wall decoration to the left and right side. Not too much though. Moderation is always KEY.

An Aspiring Interior Designer


  1. That is so cute! I love that idea and I totally might steal it. :)

  2. This turned out so cute. I like the addition on top! I am always looking for new ways to do pictures - I take a ton of them!

  3. This is neat! Thanks for telling me about it! I did not get the HGTV link.