Friday, April 1, 2011

Trees on Mah Wall

In my last blog entry I mentioned my obsession with searching other creative/diy/home décor blogs, and how I have made some handmade décor for my living room. For this project I got the inspiration from:

The Vintage Revivals blog uses plywood for the back drop, and while it seems as though the cost of the plywood wouldn't be too expensive I used foam board.

I bought three pieces of foam board on sale at Hobby Lobby. I painted the boards with white primer mixed with black satin paint and added some water. The paint was covering nicely, but to my surprise the next day the boards dried curled up.
One night at school I was on break from class wondering around, and I spotted a bin of thrown away projects. They were displayed on foam board. My lucky day! I grabbed five to use. I wasn't sure what I would use them for until later while walking to the train spotting a display of red colored branches. I was struck with the idea to snatch some, and use them on the new foam board I had acquired that night ;) I knew no paining would need to be involved because the red branches would POP against the black boards. So I went home, and started on my project. I used a hot glue gun, and glued the branches onto the foam board.

Here is my interpretation of the above tutorial:

I didn't just stop here with the use of these red branches! I created even more do-it-yourself art.

Finding these branches were perfect, because they match my color schemes of grey, white, black and RED. My decoration inspiration is geared around my rug:

I bought this rug at Ikea, and fter purchasing it I had to decide on a color for my curtains that I could also use with other areas of the room. After spotting my brand new curtains from the Thrift Store for only $4.96ea my color was chosen:

Everything has come together really well. There are still some other things I would like to do in regards to decorating my living room, but I am very happy with the results that have been completed so far.

Stay tuned for my before and after pics of what has been changed. I'll post pictures next week.

An Aspiring Interior Designer

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  1. How exciting! Your place really seems to be coming along and I CANNOT WAIT to seeee it! I dreamt of you this morning... I came all the way to Chi to see you at work (which was a corner drug store) then was in a panic trying to get home in time to get Caitri from daycare! hehe =] Your blog is grrreat! Way to go! See you soooon <3