Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Defeat

Happy Monday Creative Minds:

Ever since I moved into my apartment I've had to live paycheck to paycheck. This made it very hard to purchase things. I wasn't able to buy decor for my apartment. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Blog world, and found the oh- so many creative home decor blogs. This was actually an exciting time in my life, because I knew that I would be able to decorate my apartment with little money. Now, I don't try to completely not spend any money, but I will admit I try to spend as little as possible. I think this has cause some defeat to be honest.

I will stare at projects, and feel that either they are too plain or I feel that trying to incorporate a certain piece of furniture will not look good with another piece of furniture.

My first painting adventure with furniture was my t.v. stand. I look at it and feel defeated. I guess this intimidates me to try and make these stools look better.

I question if my 2 stools (another Chicago alley find) and my kitchen nook will look good together. I try to tell myself if I paint them the same color and use the same fabric for the both of them that alone will make them look good together.

I started sanding one stool. I didn't finish it. I stare at the other one that sits in my living room with the window a/c unit on top of it. I try to convince myself that I will just throw the stools out for the very reason that they will not look good with my nook. Fortunately, I don't want to let the big D get the best of me. I WILL FINISH STRIPPING MY TWO STOOLS, and COVER THE TOPS WITH NEW FABRIC!!!!!

The week before starting the sanding on my stool I had sanded my dresser with an electric sander. Talk about a lot of vibration and loud noise. These two factors made me not want to complete sanding the stool. The stain on the stool was heavy, and it was not coming off super easy as I thought it would.

My not even close to being finished sanded stool:

I have decided that I will purchase wood stripper, and strip that baby this Saturday! I'm a perfectionist, and even though the stain doesn't have to be completely taken off I want it off :)

I want to base my colors off of these curtains

They are so simple. In my opinion they make a bold statement, BUT I love the fabric my boyfriend's mom used to cover her table for Christmas last year

P.S she decorates BEE-U-FULLY!!!!

Honestly, I'd rather use the fabric from the second picture for my curtains and even to cover the stool. This means the stools will be painted black!!!!

A very obsessed with having the perfectly decorated home,

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