Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not just to hold the toilet paper, but to make wall decor with too ;)

Hello Fellow DIY home decor phreaks!

Well, as said in my very first entry I'm on a mission to decorate my apartment into a home. I spend many lunch break hours searching creative blogs for ideas.

Last week I came across Liz's blog at

.....and found a new design to do with toilet paper rolls. It was like I was meant to find her blog, because I had already had a few rolls cut into 1/2 pieces lying on my livingroom floor.

I loved her design, and felt that it would be perfect for the walls on the left and right side of my bedroom window.

Her blog shows a few that she did with the same concept.

Her is my reconstruction of her TP Design:

My boyfriend and I both agree that I need to add to it more.

Please visit

to get the complete 411 on making TP Roll art :)

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Hey Tals! Thanks so much for linking : )

    Mine actually fell apart a few months after I made it, so next time I'll definitely be using hot glue. The good news is that we will never *NOT* need TP, so the rolls/supplies just keep coming. haha