Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burlap Covered Flamless Candles

OOO EMMM GEEEE!!!! It's been for-ev-ah since I've posted. I'm sorry :( Last semester almost killed me. Between working M-F 8:30-5:30, driving to and from the city (Elgin-Chicago) and taking 3D and Color and Preception I had very little time to do much of anything.

Alright, so I'm back. I have a few blogs to post. I will have them posted by Sunday :)

Moving on........

Sometime last year I was discussing with a classmate my idea to paint, and decorate a piece of furniture with fabric. He informed me not to use ModPodge to adhere the fabric, because it would cost the fabric to discolor. He told me to use a spray adhesive glue.

I have covered lampshades using spray glue (a blog entry that will be posted soon :)..... ), and used the spray glue to put burlap on the back wall of a shelf.

Supplies needed for this project are:

Burlap, or fabric of your choice
Spray Glue
A LED Flamess Candle ( I got mine at Dollar Tree for a 1.00 a piece)

Cut a long piece of Fabric about 6". Place the candle on its side over the fabric, and determine how much fabric you want to cover your candle. I decided that I wanted most of the candle covered, so I left less than half an inch of the candle uncovered. Cut the piece to desired size. Spray the candle with the Spray Adhesive Glue. Lay the fabric onto the candle and slowing start pressing/wrapping it around the candle. Cut the fabric once you have reached the other end of the fabric. This way you don't accidently cut your long piece too short, but instead cut it where the other end meets.

Here is my finished Project. I bought four of these candles, and covered them in burlap. In the picture you will also see that I used a small piece of burlap on the 1 LT bottles. I used Spray Adhesive glue to this that as well ;)

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed todays post. More to come within the next few days.

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