Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Copy Cat

I’m not sure what caught my attention to want to have roman shades in my living room, but it lead to me the JC Penny website, and furthermore to the Home Décor Section. I began scrolling looking for decoration ideas for my living room. I found a few. I printed the pictures, and taped them to a white sheet of copy paper. This was my visual list of what I wanted to have in my apartment. Unfortunately, the prices for these items were out of my budget range. I didn’t let this stop me from wanting to decorate my apartment to my desire. To feed my need to create,decorate to my desire, as well as save money I made it my goal to make everything that I had picked out from the website. Some of the items could be made with wooden letters bought from a craft store, paint and a piece of plywood. For some of the other items they could be found at a thrift store. I spotted one of the items from my list at the thrift store. It wasn’t exact, but good enough for me. I also needed decorative metal candle holders, which I saw in a Family Dollar add, and purchased. I still have more items to purchase in order for this vision to be complete. I need to spray the particle board with chalk board paint, find a frame, put Bienvenue in the frame and find a half round table. Here is the first stage.

The JC Penny Decor: (Cost: almost $100)

My not so expensive version: (Cost $2.00 for the message board, $2.00 for each candle holder. Total = $6.00)

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  1. That's awesome! I love taking ideas from different things and making them yourself. Cause for one, it's normally a lot cheaper and for two, you end up with something totally unique that no one else in the world has!