Friday, February 18, 2011

First Time furniture Painter!

I was given a wooden cabinet, and a wooden corner shelf. I’m not sure what kind of wood the cabinet is, but the shelf is regular plywood. I was ecstatic by receiving both pieces of furniture by my boyfriend’s mother. I love wooden furniture. I absolutely dislike particle wood. It looks just as it is: FAKE. The furniture pieces were not painted which gave me the perfect opportunity to paint them my color of my liking. I choose black because it will go with almost anything.

Supplies used for painting my furniture:
• Sand paper block
• Primer
• Black paint
• Paint brushes
• Wooden Paint stir stick
• New paper pages to protect the floor from paint

I used a 220 grit sand paper since I didn’t need to remove any paint from the furniture. I just needed to roughen the surface to help the paint absorb into the wood better. I made sure to sand the furniture in the direction of the grain, as well as painting in the direction of the grain. After sanding the furniture I wiped it clean. It is important to do this before priming the wood. Priming the wood helps the paint have a smooth and adhesive surface with which to bond. It also helps increase the paint durability. Once the primer was completely dry I used one coat of the black paint. The paint went on thick. I felt like I had to paint with many brush strokes to get complete even coverage. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to what kind of black paint I bought. I ended up purchasing a satin black. Therefore the end result was a glossy black which I do not like. I also decided to try to save money on paint brushes. The brushes I used show the brushes stokes very much. Here is phase one of my black painted furniture. In the near future plan on repainting it with a matte black. Also, upon putting the doors back on I didn't pay attention to the direction the hinges needed to be put on. I ended up putting the first two on backwards. I have included pictures of the correct way and wrong way.

Here is the BEFORE picture of my T.V. cabinet

Type of Paint Brush I used:

T.V. Cabinet primed

The wrong way and right way for putting hinges back on:

The Finished project:

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  1. That looks really good! I kinda like the glossy finish.