Friday, February 18, 2011

Diary Entries of an Aspiring Interior Designer

Where do I begin?! Do I start off by saying I’ve been a creative soul since I was in grade school? Or when I was 18 I was obsessed with Trading Spaces, and felt for 2 solid years I had my heart set on being an interior designer? Only later on I felt that my so called desire to be one was solely based off of wanting a home that had a cozy warm feeling. I’ve questioned now if I still feel that way, because I’m still trying to make an ideal living space for myself. It’s true; I’m trying to perfect my home décor to obtain that cozy warm feeling. You could even say that I’m obsessed with this goal.

I’ve been attending Harrington College of Design since January 2010 for a degree in Interior Design. I take two classes a semester. The classes I've taken so far have been: Beginning Drawing I, English 2, College Math, Art History I and II and 2D Design. In Beginning Drawing I learned about the focal point/vanishing point, horizontal lines and orthogonal lines. In my Art history classes it was pointed out that some artists used these techniques. This semester I'm taking Drafting and Introduction to Interior Design.

It wasn't until yesterday that the light was shed on my feelings of being an Interior Designer. My hunt for ideas for decorating my apartment, and my new found knowledge that I've learned from my two current classes brought this light upon me.

Just a few days ago I asked the question, "Do Interior Designers draw a floor plan of the room before decorating it?" In my ID class our current assignment is to measure a room in our home, and draw it to scale along with the dimensions.

I've decided what color schemes I want for my living room, and I'm in the process of choosing fabric for my roman shades. I'm also trying to decide what decorative objects I want to put on my black 3 piece corner shelf. This is where the light shines on me. I sketched the shelf, and started sketching my planned objects to put on the shelf. I guess you can say I somewhat answered my question above about Interior Designers. I also felt an urge to want to sketch my entire living room. In Beginning Drawing we were taught how to draw a room in One point and Two point perspective. I plan to use the techniques from my classes to do this. I realized that I'm taking my knowledge, and bringing it to life with my own goal to accomplish with my apartment. I plan to blog about this journey. I will include pictures of my sketches, before pictures of my apartment and the final outcome.

So, I becoming to this realization I now feel confident that I’ve made the right choice to become an Interior Designer.
This blog will not only be about Interior Design, but about my other creative adventures. I love to take pictures, write poetry, scrapbook, make homemade cards and draw. I've come across a lot of other creative blogs. I found ideas, and inspirations from those blogs. I'd like to spotlight some of their crafts. I also plan on doing a 30day homemade card challenge which will be blogged.

Today is the start of many days into my creative adventures!!!

An Aspiring Interior Designer, Picture Taker, Poetry Writer, Scrap booker, every now and then sketcher, creative soul- Talia


  1. Tal, can't wait to see how your apartment design unfolds. Always looking for new decorating ideas. Cool concept!

  2. Have fun doing your apartment- post some before and after pics too!!

  3. Great job Tals! I love seeing you express your creative talents! I like your moon decoration too! :)

  4. Thank you all for your support!!!