Friday, February 18, 2011


I moved to Chicago December 11, 2009. I came with only a car full of clothes,shoes, my 19" T.V., a blow up mattress, pillow and blanets, shoe boxes filled with keepsakes and other misc things. I've only owned furniture once before now, and it was only a pair of nightstands, a pair of side coffee tables, a couple lamps, a bed I no longer have :( and a decorative shelf. Since living in Chicago I now have a nice five drawer wooden dresser, two stand up lamps, a night stand, my T.V. that my boyfriend's mother gave me along with my corner shelf, a desk and couch that I bought from a co-worker and a few other misc pieces of furniture.

Here are some pictures of my livingroom back in July 2010. What's in the pictures I don't have anymore.

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