Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Heart Scrapbooking! # 2

Handmade scrapbooking page.

For Christmas I wanted to make my boyfriend’s mom something special. Have you noticed over the years that your parents, or older family members already have what you think they do not? Over the years they have accumulated a lot of things. It’s hard to find them something special to give as a gift. I love hand making my gifts. What’s special about hand crafted gifts, or projects is that they are one of a kind. It’s kind of like distressed furniture. The techniques used may be the same, but the finished look is always different. I made my boyfriend’s mother a handmade scrapbook. Every page was hand crafted.

Those of you reading this that are into scrapbooking you know that scrapbooking paper is very busy. The design for a page doesn’t have a lot of negative space. This makes sense as a lot of the space is going to be covered by not just one photo, but a few. In some cases one photo is used, but there is more than one layer of other scrapbooking paper. So, in making this page I made sure to use the concept of taking up as much negative space as possible.

To make my page I had to be resourceful of what supplies I had. I’m pretty low on supplies, and haven’t had the money to purchase more. I had to conjure up an idea using the supplies I had to create a page that had the characteristics of a store bought one, a page that had little, or almost no negative space.

I used sketch paper because of the thickness of it was similar to an actual scrapbooking piece of paper. I used drafting tape for my horizontal lines, because the size of it allowed the lines to all be the same width. For the design of the overall page I used a stamp with two small rows of hearts. This added repetition that used most all of the space on the blank page. I left the bottom blank to break the pattern of repetition. I added a quote.

Here is how the page turned out. In a couple of weeks I will add pictures of the rest of the pages from the scrapbook:

and the complete final page of this one.

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