Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Tony Lopez. His Weapon: A Camera. His Targets: Everything around him.

My name is Tony Lopez and I love photography. I started photographing at the age of 16 using a small 6 megapixel "Aiptek" digital camera/camcorder. Black and white photos were all I seemed to care about capturing as I walked around the downtown area of Chicago, Illinois. As I would review my photos I started to take notice in the small details, shapes and shadows that drew my attention. As years went on I learned more about different types of cameras and photography styles that I wanted to explore and experiment with. Nikon quickly became my camera of choice so one day I decided to sell my beloved XBox 360 and bought a Nikon D40. It was love at first sight! There was a short period of time when I gave up photography due to certain circumstances in my life. I sold all my camera equipment without ever having the intention of wanting it back. I tried to explore the world of filming, but it just wasn't the same. A few months went by and I made the decision to make a comeback into photography. Shortly after I made my comeback I discovered HDR. I fell in love with photography all over again. I would go on to travel to places such as parts of Puerto Rico, Michigan, and Texas. Today I continue to shoot black and white, HDR and model photography using a Nikon D100. You can view some of my work at

Some Q and A with the Mr. Tony Lopez:

1. What caught your interest to start taking pictures, and why? I began to take interest in photography after I received my first digital camera. I loved that I had the option to shoot in black and white from within the camera.

2. When did you start taking pictures? I started photographing at the age of 16. I would walk around the city and photograph a lot of architecture and shadows.

3.What type of camera do you use, and why did you chose this one? I currently use a Nikon D100. I absolutely love this camera because it's extremely sturdy and works fantastic for almost any light situation.

4.Where do you find inspiration for taking pictures? My inspiration comes mainly from the music I listen to. I like to try and create the mood of the music I listen to into a photograph.

5.What are your favorite subjects to photograph? I love to photograph anything and everything, but I have to say that when it comes to photographing a subject I would have to choose female models. I find the female body to be a work of art and the most artistic structure in the world.

6.You photograph models. What is the plus side of this and what are the draw backs of this? To be honest there are more pros than cons when it comes to working with models. A plus side would be working with a model who knows how to pose and work with the environment around them. A down side would be working with a model who has no idea what to do or is too shy to pose in front of the camera.

7.If you could travel anywhere in the world to take pictures where would you go? All over Europe! Europe has some of the most amazing building structures in the entire world. Everything is art in Europe.

8.Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now in regards to photography? Hopefully travelling the world and photographing as much as I can. It's my dream.

9. What direction(s) do you want to take your photography? I would love to explore every aspect of photography that is known to the world. If I can do so, I would like to develop my own type of photography.

10.What are your favorite techniques to use when shooting? I absolutely love using natural lighting whenever possible which is why I couldn't confine myself to working in a studio.

11.Is there anything you'd like to add? I would like to thank everyone who has supported me since I first started exploring photography and who continue to do so. Big thanks to Talia Douglas for giving me the opportunity to participate in her blog and share my work with everyone.

Here is some of Tony's work:

You can also find more work of Tony's on his Facebook Fan page.!/tlopeznikon1

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