Monday, April 25, 2011

Current Project Updates

Last week I started sanding my five drawer solid wood dresser. This week I plan to stain it.

I read in this book:

that you can stain furniture with coffee and black tea. Being that I'm always on a budget this idea grabbed my attention immediately!

The book states:

*Coffee and Tea: Replace dark wood stains with a mixture that is three parts strongly brewed coffee with four or five black tea bags in it and one part water. Make sure this stain has steeped for about a day before using it.

BUT before I stain this piece of furinture I'm going to continue sanding more funiture. Today after work I plan on sanding my kitchen stools, which were another free find here in the allies of Chicago:

The plan as of right now for my pair of stools is to sand, prime and paint black. I would also like to put a printed fabric in place of the faux brown leather and get rid of the things holding in the leather. I'm not 100% sure on painting these black, so I will only go as far as priming. I will post pictures of the stools after they have been sanded.

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