Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Design Idea to hang pictures from HGTV

This weekend I plan to hopefully start staining my dresser drawers. I learned of a way to stain furniture from a book I received as a gift from my boyfriend's mother Nancy. I left the book in my car, so I decided to search for the exact name and designer, so I could share the exact information about staining furniture. It's a design book by a HGTV Interior Designer. I don't have cabel, so I don't get to watch HGTV, and learn of the designers :( Before I started looking for the designer I decided to look under the decorating tab. I ended up finding a similar idea I used to hang pictures on the wall. I got excited and wanted to share with my readers. If you look at my blog entry: Naked to Dressed......Walls post you will see my idea of this.

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