Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Current Project

I spotted a wooden dresser last summer one night. I was coming home from either a walk or class. It was caddy corner across the street from my apartment. People had just moved in, and did not want this dresser. It is solid wood, with 5 drawers with a yellowish stain. I love wooden furniture, and I love being able to re-finish it. My idea for this dresser was to strip the stain. I remember my original goal was to antique it. Now I would like to stain the wood with a very dark brown stain.

So far I have sanded the drawers, the top of the dresser, one side and the front wood pieces that separate the drawers. Here are some pictures of the progress.

Seeing the color of the stain I think you get the idea why I would want to re-stain the piece. ;)

The top had some scratches, but thanks to an electric sander and 80grit sand paper the top has no more scratches. Here are some before pictures of the top.

Tonight I will sand the other side of the dresser, and give the top and other side a couple more rounds with the sander. My goal is to have the entire dresser sanded by this evening. I would like to start staining the dresser by next Monday.

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