Thursday, April 21, 2011

A project happening at the speed of a snail

Last winter my boyfriend's lovely mother gave me a wooden cabinet. It wasn't finished. I had my heart set on painting it black. Unfortunately, I have the habit of not paying attention to labels. I bought satin paint, when really I wanted a black matte. I was not happy with the outcome. It was very glossy, and shinny. I wanted a matte because it gives the piece more character. Almost as though the piece is slightly worn. I also wanted a matte because I don't like shinny finishes :P I decided that once I moved into my new place I would sand, and repaint this piece. Luckily, I found inspiration to distress the cabinet with steel wool. My boyfriend's mother Nancy and I spent a Sunday going to consignment shops and it was there I found my inspiration.

This piece of furniture gave me the idea to use steel wool in hopes to give my piece of furniture the look of this table.

As soon as I got home I got to sanding with the wool on my cabinet.

Here is the original outcome of my cabinet:

Fortunately, I am happy with the affects from using the steel wool. Unfortunately, I haven't finished the project. Here is how it is turning out:

I have completed the front. The night I started scratching the surface with the wool I also did one side and the top. It still needs a lot of work.

I am happy that by using this technique it has made the paint look dull. I love that since the paint was a satin (very smooth finish) it caused the paint to scratch showing the primer underneath.

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