Friday, July 29, 2011

Design Spot Light: Jessie Johnson

Jessie is a long time friend of over 4 years. She is actually one of my besties :) We met while working as Leasing Agents at an Apartment complex. She had been in the business over a year prior to coming to this office. When the Mananger resigned for a new job it made the Assistant Manager the new Head Honcho, and Jessie become the new Assistant Managner. This promotion gave her an office. Upon moving into the office she re-arranged the furniture. She also changed the placement of pictures on the wall. Being in her office after the few little tweeks gave it a homey feel. I remember complimenting her on this. She told me that Interior Design at one point was something she was interested in. Today Jessie is a licensed Cosmetologist.

Here is Jessie's Journy into transforming her living space into a comfortable organized abode.



Not only did she provide BEFORE and AFTER pics, BUT she made a BEF/AFT video too.

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