Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small Kitchen Cabinet + Really AWESOME Hooks = Nifty Coat Rack

Hello Do it yourself Designers/Decorators!

Today's blog is about making a hanging rack out of a few simple hardware items.

I spend a lot of my lunch breaks searching blogs for ideas for my home. I've seen many blogs that showcase using a cabinet door as a sign, or key rack. My idea steams from these blogs.

Every month I go to the Flea Market with my future mom-in-law ;) The flea market has a lot of items that fit my style desire. A lot of collectic pieces, as well as destressed pieces of furniture or whatever it may be. This time I found all sizes of kitchen cabinet doors for only a few bucks.

Now if the area you live in doesn't have a monthly flea market, then inexpensive cabinet doors can be purchased at Ikea in the "As Is" section. If you live in a city that doesn't have an Ikea, then resale stores that specialize in hardware for homes will have them.

Here is the piece I picked at out the Flea Market:

Racks are usually slender and long, so this cabinet was perfect!

First I primed it for durability of the color I chose. I used Kryon Primer and Black Gloss Spray Paint.

This Krylon spraypaint dries in 10 minutes or less. It also has a nice sprayer that can turn in whatever direction you please. It sprays evenly, and the outcome is smooth. I don't recommend spray painting in 80+ degree weather. Even if you are in the shade. The heat caused the spray paint to bubble. I sanded it, and repainted it.

Here is the finished outcome: (which I'm in LOVE with)

SUUUUM-body told me they had screws for it. Turns out this SUUUUM-body meant that they had screws for the back to hang on the wall, so until Friday my hooks will have to rest on the cabinet. I will post updated pictures of the 100% complete project.

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