Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curtain Dress up: Kitchen Peek-a-boo #2 (Work in Progress)

Hello DIY Designers! This entry will talk about how blah my curtains were in my kitched to how almost wow they are now.

In mid July the love of mah life and our room mate moved into a 2100sf loft. There are almost more windows than there is wall space in our loft. Our windows are very tall. The second floor living space is the kitchen/dining area and the social/sitting area. Upon walking into this space a person is welcomed by a complete wall of windows. To separate the living spaces I have hung a certain amount of different curtains up. Here are the Dining Area curtains:

The problem with these curtains is the left over space at the top.

Both myself, and mah love agree that the space looks tacky. This left me with the challenge of fixing this issue. I knew that I wanted to use the red faux suede curtains in the dining area. I just wasn't sure how to hide the space shown from the curtain connected to the loop which exposes the window slightly. THEN I came across this blog:

Finding this blog was like a light shinning down on me! Here is my work in progess.

I only accomplished getting one done last night, as I ended up moving furniture around. It started out as me moving the kitchen table away from the wall, so that I could use the ladder to take down the curtains to iron into rearranging the living room and dining area :)

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