Sunday, August 14, 2011

From Drab to Fab-Picture Frame Mat dressed to Impress

This picture mat needed a make-over, and STAT. I found three matching frames with mats and pictures included at the thrift store this weekend. As soon as I got home I set them against the wall they would soon be hung on. The living room has grey/black curtains, black leather couches and a black T.V. stand that will later be re-painted and dark grey walls. The frames will blend in too easily on the wall along with the other dark colors of the room. I had to do something to make them POP!

Upon searching Micheals, a thrift store, Kirkland's Home, Wal-Mart and finally Target I came across some fabulous wrapping paper at Target.

As of late I'm in love with any type of quatrefoil design! Upon finding this wrapper paper I was in almost complete love. My first idea for the wrapping paper was to use on the picture mats.

It took three tries to figure out how to Modge Podge the paper onto the mats. First, I tried cutting the paper to the exact same size as the mat. That didn't work. I couldn't get the paper to glue onto the mat smooth. Then I tried cutting a piece of the wrapping paper the size of the glass w/out the middle cut out. My plan with that was just to buy black paper and place it where the whole would had been cut out. Finally I found out what I needed to do in order to make the paper Modge Podge onto the mat nice and smooth. I had to cut and glue one piece of wrapping paper onto the mat. I cut the piece of wrapping paper bigger than the mat, and folded and glued the excess onto the back of the mat. I cut the middle out into four pieces and glued each piece to the back of the mat. This was the only way to achieve a nice look without crinkles.

Here is the final outcome.

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